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These video programs have been developed by TOP 50 Instructor, Don Peterson. Don estimates he has worked personally with more than 100,000 students spanning more than 35 years. Don is the author of “The Baseball Golf Swing Method” and “Start Golf Now.”

Wax on wax off for golf

Don likens his style of training to Miyagi’s style for training Karate to young Daniel in the famous movie “The Karate Kid.” Instead of paint the fence, sand the deck, or wax-on, wax-off, Don uses Punch Ball Drill, Tee-ball Drill, and Mummy Drill. The Swing Builder Circuit of videos should be watched in sequence for best results.

Step by step through the swing factory

On line Video Training Program from TOP 50 Teacher Don Peterson. Don Peterson taught more than 100,000 students while developing this program. It is the most researched and practiced golf training program available anywhere. The videos have been sequenced for ease of development and should be watched in the correct order.

DPGA Certification for instructors

This video series is part of a golf teacher certification through the Don Peterson Golf Association.

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