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Junior ChampionKady Foshaug on her experience with coach Don Peterson

Bill K.

Don Peterson is an excellent golf instructor: knowledgeable, professional, personable, perceptive and patient.

Brittany Hartnett

Don at the Swing Factory is a fantastic coach- he is very patient and articulate, focusing on movement and technique. I see results after every lesson!

David R.

Don Peterson is an awesome golf instructor and is passionate about teaching. I highly recommend him to anyone of all skill levels. He can take you from raw beginner to a higher level quickly.

Greg Thompson

I have had a number of golf coaches over the years and Don is the best by far. There are several things that set him apart. First of all, he really cares about helping you improve and gets so committed to it that your lesson will run beyond the allotted time. Secondly he understands the mechanics of an effective golf swing, but more importantly is able to communicate it in a way you can understand. Since I have had Don as a teacher, my game has improved substantially and I will not take lessons from anyone else!

Jack W.

Don has provided me with four lessons so far. The result is a MUCH improved swing and dramatically lower score. Investing in Don’s lessons has been a great use of my resources.

John F.

Don was lots of fun and made learning exciting. So, if you want to improve your golf game go see Don Peterson at the Swing Factory studio.


Don: Thank you for the best instruction I have ever received. I love your dedication to perfection. I hope I give you more to work with later this month.

Rusty B.

I have used a number of golf instructors. I never really made substantial progress though until I met Don. He has a great teaching style that has enabled me to improve drastically in a relatively short time and helped me understand, as I am playing, how to correct me swing. I highly recommend Don to anyone looking to really improve their game.